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Woah, I have a blog!!

I hadn’t totally forgotten but I guess I’ve been neglectful and not updating.  I had all sorts of stuff planned to put up here but that clearly didn’t happen.  I’d like to get back into writing though, and have a record of this part of my life (which is wonderful and exciting but also difficult and confusing).

Anyway, here’s a brief summary of what I’ve been up to since June 2011 (dang it has been awhile, sorry to anybody who this was the only way they could follow what I was doing…which I don’t think is anybody…)

  • I graduated from Purdue!  I’ve got a nifty biochemistry degree saying that I know how to do science…
  • Took some classes in food policy, got hooked, presented in DC about ways to get people to buy and eat more fruits and vegetables.  Look out for updates on this topic in the future-I LOVE to talk about it and I think I bore a lot of my friends when I yammer on about food/agriculture issues.  
  • Made a pretty research poster and presented my data at the poster symposium!  (This was a process, there might be some design-focused stuff here soon, as I tend to like to talk about everything although I am by no means an expert at anything).  
  • Spent a summer loafing about in California, looking for a job, and writing trivia questions to fill my time.  

Aaaaaaand the big one…I started law school!  It’s been wonderful and amazing and terrible and impossible and just about everything else at one point or another, but hands down I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  I finally found a place where I feel I really belong, I’m doing what I love, and I’m surrounded by some of the best friends a girl could want (not that my friends from not-law-school aren’t wonderful, I still love you all I promise!!  I just honestly don’t think I could have gotten through my first semester without the amazing people I met).

Right now I’m on spring break, which means I’m out visiting the boy-toy and he’s at work all day while I’m doing the job search/working on homework/watching game of thrones and downton abbey so I plan on writing some more in detail about a couple of things (law related mostly, because I am a huge nerd).



Summer Musings

Every time I see someone has posted a new blog entry about their exciting summer adventures, my mind goes through the same general thought process:  1) huh, wonder what they’re up to, 2) read blog entry, 3) sounds like they’re having fun, I wish I was doing something that exciting, 4) I should write about my summer too!  And then I mean to and then I get distracted.  Blame everybody and their cool adventures.

Luckily, my days aren’t overly exciting, or my time would be taken up reading about other people’s cool adventures, and then going and having cool adventures of my own.  No such luck here, as I’m still in West Lafayette, and thus far I’ve spent the vast majority of my time in two places.  The majority of my intended awake time is spent in a research lab, which is less than thrilling as it’s the lab I’ve been going to most days for almost a year.  That said, lab work in the summer seems completely different than it does during the year, simply because everybody is there all day.  That seems sort of backwards (shouldn’t things get more boring the longer you do them?) but because everybody is there, it’s much more collaborative, no more hurrying in, doing your task, and leaving without saying a word to anybody.  Now it’s do your work, talk about it, get some insight on how to do it better, as well as some perspective.  While knowing that there’s lots of people working on offshoots of the same project can make it seem less “important” (my work isn’t unique!  I’m not the sole studier of this phenomena!  IF I DISCOVER SOMETHING IT PROBABLY WON’T BE NAMED SOLELY AFTER ME!)  it also makes it seem more concrete and more potentially “impactful” (clearly this isn’t a random project given to me by somebody who couldn’t think of anything else, as several people’s work would be affected by the outcome).

Despite all the learning and collaboration, there are boring moments (you want me to separate HOW MANY seeds onto plates without breathing on them?!) But overall it seems worth it when you consider the precious commodities available to me in lab that aren’t where I spend most of the rest of my time.  Case in point:  internet and air conditioning.

Ok, technically, the apartment where I’m living has both.  Sort of, I think.  It definitely technically has air conditioning.  As in, one unit in the front room that does very little to cool my room all the way in the back, even with the door wide open (which is a very strange way to sleep, in case you were wondering).  The internet is where things get fuzzy.  Technically we don’t have any.  But thanks to some generous girls on the first floor, we get it mostly, although it’s slow and sort of unreliable.  It works better than the air conditioning, though, so I guess technically we have both, although it doesn’t always feel like that.

But how does college in the summer compare to college during the year?  It doesn’t really.  There aren’t nearly as many people here, the roads are all torn up with construction, and I haven’t found anywhere open 24 hours (although I haven’t looked really extensively).  That doesn’t mean it’s not a good way to spend the summer, it’s just more laid back than the school year, for better and for worse.

I guess since I don’t actually have anything substantial to say I should stop rambling at you.  At least until there’s some sort of development worth discussing, which hasn’t happened yet, assuming you don’t want to hear about Arabidopsis and it’s variations.

What are your summer plans, and what do you like/dislike about what you’re doing or where you’re living?

Spring break love

What do I love this spring break?  Let me see…

1) My Kindle.

I got a Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it.  It’s so light and full of wonderful book goodness.  And I can download new books whenever I want, and a lot of them are free.  Also, it LOOKS LIKE A BOOK.  I love tech as much as the next person (mostly, besides the dude, who without a doubt loves it more) but sometimes I get sick of staring at freaking screens.  The Kindle is such a nice break from that.  I’m not trying to hawk a kindle, but SERIOUSLY, you guys, check them out.

2) Nothing to do.

While I have a wonderful 12 page paper I need to get started, as well as some analysis for lab, I’ve done pretty much nothing over the last two days.  It has been so nice.  But I’m starting to get sick of it, and rejoin the world of productive people.

3) Eating yummy food.

Being home means I can pretty much eat all the delicious stuff not available to me during the school year.  Like the wonderful delicious cajun Yats.  YUM.

That’s all I can think of now.  Break is great though.

What are your favorite lazy indulgences?