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Spring break love

What do I love this spring break?  Let me see…

1) My Kindle.

I got a Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it.  It’s so light and full of wonderful book goodness.  And I can download new books whenever I want, and a lot of them are free.  Also, it LOOKS LIKE A BOOK.  I love tech as much as the next person (mostly, besides the dude, who without a doubt loves it more) but sometimes I get sick of staring at freaking screens.  The Kindle is such a nice break from that.  I’m not trying to hawk a kindle, but SERIOUSLY, you guys, check them out.

2) Nothing to do.

While I have a wonderful 12 page paper I need to get started, as well as some analysis for lab, I’ve done pretty much nothing over the last two days.  It has been so nice.  But I’m starting to get sick of it, and rejoin the world of productive people.

3) Eating yummy food.

Being home means I can pretty much eat all the delicious stuff not available to me during the school year.  Like the wonderful delicious cajun Yats.  YUM.

That’s all I can think of now.  Break is great though.

What are your favorite lazy indulgences?