Exams are yucky

I’m taking a break from my (semi-)regular pseudo-serious and insightful content (that sounds really pretentious, but I don’t mean it to be!  I just try to write so that it will be interesting) because being a student is hard.


This week has been especially intense, so that I feel like I should be making this face all the time.  Which is the “I’ve walked around all day in heels and my feet hurt and you’re going to make me go walk some more!” face.  But approximates how I felt after the physical chemistry exam I just endured.


Next week is spring break, so hopefully I’ll be feeling more like this:

This is when I went to Sanibel, FL with two of my best friends for spring break.  While I’m not going anywhere for spring break this year, I do hope to relax and come back refreshed, as well as to hopefully get a lot of random things done and be insanely productive.

I like to aim high and then be disappointed when I sit on my lazy butt all the time.

What are your plans for spring break, or for next week?


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